Logo Idea Package | please read description

Logo Idea Package | please read description

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Need a business logo but not sure what you want?  Our Logo Idea package might be what you need.  This package is intended to give the client more of a visual for their new logo.  This package will have five completely different logos designed by MObC.
You might like the colors of the first logo, but the font of the second logo, and the image of the fourth logo.  We then take what you like and work our magic to create your final logo!  

You will receive: 
(5) completely different designed logos 
(5) stock images with each logo to give you a different visual of the logo 

How does this work:
MObC will meet with the client to get information about the business - what it does, who they are, who is their audience , colors the clients like, and so on.  We then take that information and let the creative mind work it's magic.  When we have designed five logos, we will email you the Logo Idea package form with the logos, along with five images with each logo on the image.  Images help clients see their logo in other ways than just on a white background.  You take your time and decide what you like from each logo.  Then we meet again and bring together your final logo. 
It all starts with a logo!

A few things to know: 
1. The price of the Logo Idea package does not include designing your final logo.  That will be a separate price. 
2. 50% of the Final Logo price will be required as a deposit before we start working the magic. 
3. When we finalize your new final logo you will receive it in three sizes, vectorized and transparent (no color background), along with rights and consent to use your logo however you please.